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Affiliate Links

Andrew Harvey: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Andrew-Harvey

C.S Lakin: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/CS-Lakin

Debra Engle: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Debra-Engle

Devorah Spilman: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Devorah-Spilman

Dr. Andrea Pennington: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/DrAndrea-Pennington

Jacquelyn Fletcher: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Jacquelyn-Fletcher

Janet Conner: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Janet-Conner

Joyce Rockwood, C.C.H.: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Joyce-Rockwood

Judi Moreo: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Judi-Moreo

Judith Briles: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Judith-Briles

Kiala Givehand: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Kiala-Givehand

Leah Lund:https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Leah-Lund

Lizzie Post: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Lizzie-Post

Michele PW: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Michele-PW

Morry Zelcovitch: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Morry-Zelcovitch

Norma Hollis: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Norma-Hollis

Sacha Sterling: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Sacha-Sterling

Shelley Klammer: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Shelley-Klammer

Shirl Crimmins Smith: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Shirl-Crimmins-Smith

Susan Jenkins: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Susan-Jenkins

Tama Kieves: https://ultimatewritersseries.com/ref/speaker/Tama-Kieves

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Speaker Line Up

Day 1 – June 24: Jacquelyn Fletcher & Michele PW

Day 2 – June 25: Janet Conner & Judi Moreo

Day 3 – June 26: Leah Lund & Morry Zelcovitch

Day 4 – June 27: Kiala Givehand & Tama Kieves

Day 5 – June 28: Debra Engle & Shelley Klammer

Day 6 – June 29:  C.S. Lakin & Sacha Sterling

Day 7 – June 30: Dr. Andrea Pennington & Lizzie Post

Day 8 – July 1: Devorah Spilman & Judith Briles

Day 9 – July 2: Norma Hollis & Joyce Rockwood, C.C.H.

Day 10 – July 3:  Andrew Harvey & Susan Jenkins

Day 11 – July 4th BONUS DAY! Dawn announces ENCORE with guest Shirl Crimmins


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